Renting in Baltimore 101

Teacher Props wants to do everything possible to help you find the place that will make you fall in love with Charm City.  Don’t let the logistics get in the way!  Check out our renter’s guide for helpful tips to make sure you’re prepared to secure the place that is right for you.


Tip #1: Do Your Homework

We love all of our Baltimore neighborhoods but you should think about what fits your personality and what is most important to you about your living situation to keep you happy. Check out our neighborhood pages and read the insights of each neighborhood enthusiast to get a better understanding of what area would be best for you!


Tip #2: Fill Out the Application ASAP

If you are renting an apartment or a home that requires an application (which almost all do), fill it out as soon as possible. Most landlords require proof of income, credit report, and an informational application.


Tip #3: Find Out How Much Money You’ll Need

Different landlords require different amounts of money to secure a lease.  Typically you’ll need first month’s rent plus security deposit. The security deposit is almost always equal to one month’s rent. For example, if the rent is $1000, the security deposit will be $1000, and therefore you’ll need $2000 to secure that place. Rarely, but sometimes, landlords will require first and last month’s rent, plus security deposit.  

Tip #4: Have a Check Handy

You’ll need a check for your deposit almost everywhere.  If you don’t regularly use checks ask the landlord or property manager what other forms of payment they might accept.  Banks don’t always keep weekend hours, so figure out what you need and when your bank is open to ensure you have what you need to sign your lease.

Tip #5: Know the Neighborhood

If possible visit potential neighborhoods you are considering during the day and the evening to really get the full picture of the vibe of the neighborhood.  Teacher Props’ Neighborhood Enthusiasts can answer many of these questions for you based our experience, but it’s nice to see for yourself!


Tip #5: Ask the Right Questions

As teachers we live busy lives - we work hard and the home and neighborhood you come back to should provide a place that you LOVE to come home to.  What’s important to you - being able to walk to coffee shops or bars; being close to a park; having a reserved parking space?  Whatever it is - it matters!  Don’t wait to ask!


Tip #7: Be Decisive

Great houses in Baltimore’s most popular neighborhoods go quickly in the spring and summer. Don’t let the fact that you have another appointment keep you from securing a house. You want to be picky but not too picky. Our teachers who made their housing decision before the mad rush in mid July now find themselves in the nicest properties.