Nina Silverstein, TFA Baltimore ‘12, Founder 2B

Nina Silverstein, TFA Baltimore ‘12, Founder 2B

As a new TFA corps member coming to Baltimore City with limited time to look for an apartment, I quickly signed the first lease that I found. While I loved my apartment, it was extremely expensive for Baltimore City, not within my teacher budget, and away from a lot of my teacher friends. I wish that I had a company such as Teacher Props to reference during my search. It would have helped connect me to other teachers, expose me to great and affordable living options, and given me the tools to make an informed decision about which neighborhood to live in. Teacher Props is not only a great way to find a home, but also a community in a new city.
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Joe Manko, Principal Liberty Elementary

I have been so lucky to find Peter to help manage my property. He takes all the headache out of being a landlord. He manages all repairs, ensures payments are made on time, finds awesome tenants who care for the property, and has made the process of renting out a home seamless and easy. As a principal, it is great to know when my teachers are in a living situation that they are excited about. It helps them to shine in the classroom, and I am glad Teacher Props will be helping more of our new teachers find great places to live.
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Virginia Boggs, BCTR Baltimore City Pre-K Teacher

The first time I came to Baltimore was to look for a place to live after accepting a teaching position with BCTR. I knew nothing about the city or where I could afford to live. I was really unhappy with the location of my first apartment within a few months of moving, but Pete helped me find the perfect house in Federal Hill during the Spring of my first year teaching. Now, I get to relax on our rooftop deck with the neighbors after a long day with my Pre-K kiddos!
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Charles Walker, TFA Baltimore ‘15, NAF Middle School Science Teacher

I knew that moving to Baltimore wouldn’t be a simple decision to make. You want to spend the time and energy in learning and absorbing all the magic that is found within this dynamic community. Connecting with Teacher Props was a quick and simple way to find housing that enabled me to have the opportunity to be present in my journey of adjusting to the classroom without the big hassle of searching for housing.
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Kevin Kermes, Fed Hill Property Owner, Founder Career Attraction

Teacher Props was able to get me some amazing young professional tenants for my Fed Hill rental property in no time. I love their mission to help our teachers transition into Baltimore. I’m proud to call my property a Teacher Props house and encourage other owners to do the same.