Teacher Props helps Baltimore teachers find great housing.

Teacher Props aims to give Charm City’s newest teachers a seamless transition into the city by helping to find them an ideal living situation that meets their personal and professional needs. Teacher Props partners with property owners  in Baltimore’s most sought-after neighborhoods and provides them the best tenants out there, our teachers.


Teacher Props is working to create systemic change.

By making it easier for Baltimore teachers to find a great home, Teacher Props aims to close the achievement gap and increase Baltimore's population of young leaders and urban change makers.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Through honesty and transparency, Teacher Props is committed to providing equitable living arrangements for the teachers of Baltimore. This includes but it not limited to securing i) a diverse portfolio of teachers, ii) housing in culturally diverse neighborhoods in Baltimore, and iii) diversity among landlords that entrust their homes to the Teacher Props staff. Teachers Props seeks property, tenants, and neighborhoods that highlight and celebrate the diversity of the Baltimore community and their residents.

Our Story

Hundreds of new Teach For America corps members, Baltimore City Teaching Residency educators, and Urban Teach educators, and others through traditional education programs come to Baltimore each year to teach in the city’s most underserved schools. They are often young transplants in a new city, stressed and pressed for time, buried in lesson plans and curriculum guides. Who has time to visit houses, research neighborhoods, and interview potential roommates? Nobody. The result: An overwhelming majority of first-year teachers find themselves rushed into a housing situation that does not meet their personal or professional needs, and as a result, teacher turnover and burnout increases.

When young people go off to college they are accommodated with the forming system. In the corporate world there is relocation support. But, for new Baltimore educators, there was nothing of the sort - until now. Finding housing in a new city is hard enough, but for TFA corps members, after accepting the two year commitment corps, they are brought to Baltimore for a week in June and then promptly must leave for Philly's summer institute. The to-be new teachers must navigate housing while enduring this difficult month of summer school and make sure they have their living situation in check securing a lease before August 1st. Essentially, they don’t have time to find a great house, and that’s where Teacher Props comes in.

Through my years in Teach For America and Baltimore education, I have had the great opportunity to learn many things and become connected to hundreds of our city's teachers and change makers. One unfortunate truth I have found is that teachers are often rushed to find housing and settle for inconvenient, unideal living situations and it adds to their stress in the workplace, hindering them from falling in love Baltimore. I believe there is real opportunity here and I want to create the solution to the problem.

When we help our teachers, their students can shine.

The bottom line: when the community puts forth effort to support teachers, teachers can better serve their students. When teachers can spend time after school coaching soccer practice or planning lessons at a local coffee shop - without worrying about walking or parking later at night - they are better able to serve students: the next generation of Baltimore's leaders. Equally importantly, when there are a multitude of options for teachers to explore their own interests, from physical fitness to art to simply spending time by the water, they can continue to bring their best mindsets to the classroom. Baltimore is a rich, vibrant city with so much to offer teachers, who, in turn, can offer nothing but the best opportunities to students. Teachers deserve support for all of their hard work, and Teacher Props is trying to do this by providing teachers with great housing and an easy way to find it.