Pete DeCandia

Founder & CEO

Favorite Teacher Moment

In December of my first year teaching when my students finally figured out my first name and one day after lunch I come back to my classroom to “Peter” written hundreds of times on all of my white boards and blackboards.


Julie Oxenhandler

Social Media Specialist

Favorite Teacher Moment

Being a teacher has a lot of ups and downs. One of my least favorite parts of the job is running detention. One day I brought my lunch with me to detention.  Kids eyes got wider and wider as I ate bell peppers, snap peas, and spinach. Finally one of my boldest kids, made an even bolder move. Hey, Ms. Ox, he said if I eat that green stuff can I leave early? I never loved this kid more. 6 bites of my salad later, we both left detention early. Best decision. For the rest of the year  that student often ate part of my lunch or at least gave whatever “green stuff” I had a try.