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Being a new teacher is hard enough without having to worry about where to live. With dozens of neighborhoods and thousands of housing options, finding the right home can be time consuming and stressful. We aim to solve that problem by sourcing great homes from reputable owners in sought-after locations.

Teachers bring value to our city and we want Baltimore bringing value to our teachers.

The idea is if we value our teachers by providing a smooth transition and excellent living situation that meets their personal and professional needs, they can be their best selves in the classroom to better serve their students, and will be more likely to fall in love with our city and stay in Baltimore as change-makers for years to come.


Are you moving in Baltimore and want to see what properties are available?

Do you own a great property that you think our Baltimore teachers would love?  



Featured Neighborhoods


Looking for an apartment instead of a rowhome? Our friends at Miller’s Court and Union Mill have the same vision as us - helping teachers to find great affordable housing. Learn more about their concept and offerings below!